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Author: Neil Harris

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  • Pickleball comes to Sport in Mind

    Sport In Mind has started offering Pickleball during the Thursday tennis session at Reading University. With the help of Berkshire LTA, we are able to offer this exciting sport which is suitable for everyone! Read more

  • New Brand

    Sport in Mind helps you play again. Local charity launches new brand identity as we begin regional expansion. Read more

  • Holyport College

    Thank you and congratulations to Holyport College on their Get Fit for Mental Health 2019 Campaign! Read more


  • Leon's Story

    I was fortunate to achieve high enough grades to be accepted in the University of my choice, however, during my gap year I suffered my first panic attack. This was the start of a very bad time for me… Read more

  • Heather's Story

    12 years ago I was diagnosed with depression and schizophrenia. At the onset of my illness life seemed pretty bleak – I lacked motivation to do anything and didn’t see the point of getting up in the mornings… Read more

  • David's Story

    I had a successful career, a nice home and was financially well off, but when my marriage collapsed in my mid 40’s I experienced depression… Read more


  • Bing v Wright - Charity Football Classic

    Sport in Mind makes a real local difference through the power of sport. Mental health welfare is something we are passionate about and having played sport together for many years we see true value in team sports and it's positive impact on mental wellbeing. Uniting friends, families and teammates to help a good cause is something we are very excited about on May 19 2019. Read more

  • Running Brighton Marathon for Sport In Mind

    I've worked for pharma and in the area of mental health for many years and know how important exercise is for not just physical well-being but mental well-being. I also have my own personal experience where running and training for The London Marathon in 2018 helped me overcome a period of depression. For this reason, I continue to set myself personal goals to continue exercising and this year it is Brighton Marathon on Sunday 14th April. Read more

  • Elmleigh Hospital Cycle Relay 2019

    Sport in mind is a charity which speaks to us in terms of using occupation to support mental health recovery and wellbeing. At Elmleigh, we have recently met with Sport in Mind to begin a partnership to provide further sporting and exercise opportunities to our inpatients. With raising this money, we hope to support Sport in mind generally and with provision of services to Elmleigh Hospital. Read more