After giving birth to my second child I suffered severe post natal depression. Although I had everything I had ever wanted; a loving husband, two amazing kids and a fantastic home I felt like something had changed inside of me. It’s difficult to explain how I felt, but I basically lost interest in everything and no longer wanted to be around people. I felt silly going to the doctor about how I was feeling, but after months of suffering I felt I had no option. When the doctor diagnosed me with having postal natal depression I was really shocked –depression was the type of illness that affected other people – not me! I was referred to numerous self-help groups and these helped slightly, but it was not until I joined Sport in Mind’s groups and started exercising regularly that I really saw an improvement in my condition. I had read lots of articles about how sport and exercise can help depression, but if I’m totally honest I never really believed it until it helped me.

Playing sport and exercising hadn’t really been a part of my life since my school days and in all honesty I never really liked it that much, but there was something different about joining Sport in Mind’s sessions – they were fun, relaxed and it wasn’t ever about how good you were. Attending the sessions helped me through some very dark days and enabled me to rediscover the old me, the woman that used to laugh and smile, and enjoy being around people. I don’t know where I would be now if I hadn’t gone along to their group that sunny, summer day… I guess it’s probably not worth thinking about.