Sport in Mind is committed to becoming a carbon-neutral organisation by the end of 2024.

To achieve this goal, we have implemented a lightweight carbon usage counting process that identifies consumption from various sources, including office operations, travel, commuting and devices. Based on this data, Sport in Mind will purchase Carbon Credits to offset our consumption by 125%

From our 2024 baseline, we aim to reduce our per-head consumption by one third by 2030. While we recognize that there are more precise carbon accounting mechanisms available, as a non-profit organisation providing a service, we must adopt a practical approach.

Neil Harris, Founder and CEO commented: "Everyone that knows me knows how passionate I am about green spaces, the environment and addressing the impact individuals and businesses have on it. Myself and Sport in Mind's board are very pleased to announce our Sustainability Statement and setting out our intentions for greener living"

We are dedicated to doing our part for the planet and hope that our efforts will be understood and supported