Due to popular demand, we are launching our acclaimed Sport in Mind Journal. The Journal is a fantastic way to support you to get more active, feel more in control and put in place some healthy habits.



Key points about Sport in Mind’s Journal below:

· Provides you with a positive structure for each day - helping you feel more secure, with less time to dwell on negative thoughts

· Helps you to feel more organised and set yourself small achievable goals, providing you an opportunity to reflect on how working towards these goals makes you feel and the impact it has on your mood

· Helps you document good days and positive interactions that help boost your self-esteem and remind you on less good days the positive steps you have made

· Encourages you to try new things, explore the barriers and helps you to find your own solutions

· Record your achievements in one place to help you celebrate your successes and provide resolve to try more new things.

· Offers positive information about the ‘5 ways to wellbeing’

· Packed with lots of ideas to encourage you to get active in a way that suits YOU

· Provides information about Sport in Mind activities and helps you to start thinking about a session that might you like to attend

· Most importantly - this is YOUR journal, so you can decide the pace you go at, your goals and way you use the journal.

How to receive your Journal

If you attend our sessions (or are planning to) in the South East and would like to receive a FREE Journal please email us at [email protected] to place your order.

For those living outside the South East, the journals are available to purchase in our shop: www.sportinmind.org/shop 

All we ask is that you complete a short survey after 1 week and 1 month to tell us how you are getting on! 

Healthcare Professionals

If you are a healthcare professional working in the South East and feel your clients would benefit from using our Journal please get it touch on [email protected] 

We can offer you access to:

· Up to 10 free journals per group

· Information Sheets

· Top Tips on using the journal

· Video guidance to help you support your clients


Sport in Mind Journal Leaflet

Journal Top Tips

Journal Information Sheet For Professionals

In order to receive these brilliant free resources to support your clients’ recovery, we request that your clients complete an anonymous questionnaire following 1 week of using their journal, and then again at 1 month.