For nearly 13 years now, Sport in Mind have been using the power of physical activity to help improve the lives of people suffering, in some cases severely so, with mental health problems. We know that our sessions help those in need, when they need it most. We are incredibly passionate about the power of movement on our mental health and we want to ensure that EVERYONE feels empowered to look after their mental wellbeing with access to physical activity. 

And it is why we have now taken a huge step in doing just that by partnering with the incredible Run Talk Run- a global community running group- free to attend, for all abilities. A space to run and talk, free from judgement or competition. Just as we like it!

Run Talk Run have groups all over the country, please click below to find out more about groups in your area, or how to become a run leader yourself. 


Welcome to Run Talk Run- Powered by Sport in Mind!