At Sport in mind, we know that having a baby is a huge transition in life- one that, unsurprisingly, makes being active even more of a challenge for many. 

Being active before, during pregnancy and beyond brings with it  host of mental and physical benefits, including a reduction in depression, improved emotional wellbeing and helps to reduce worry.

Perinatal mental health is SO important as around 1 in 5 women will experience mental health problems during or after pregnancy

We have created an information hub below which provides a range of resources and guidance to support women during the post-natal period, as well as healthcare professional such as midwives. 

Information advice and guidance

Support for new mums and families experiencing mental health issues can be found at the Maternal Mental health Alliance

The Active Pregnancy Foundation is a registered charity dedicated to breaking down barriers to engagement with physical activity during preconception, pregnancy and postnatal life stages. Their vision is to create a society where women are empowered to be physically active throughout their childbearing years in a way that works for them. They provide expertise, advice, and support a change in culture and challenge policy

The UK Chief Medical Officers Activity Guidelines post birth up to 12 months also help guide you as to what is a healthy amount of physical activity during your pregnancy

You can find out more about the sessions we offer to support mental wellbeing during the post natal stages here

For more information or questions please contact:

Cathy Carr; [email protected] (Maternity Mental Health Manager)