Whoop whoop - it’s our 10th anniversary!

To celebrate and encourage everyone to get active (because that is what we’re about, right?) after another long lockdown we’re launching our 10th anniversary campaign – DO 10!

Anyone can get involved – all you need to do is dream up an activity that involves the number 10 and complete it between 10th and 17th of April – our 10th anniversary.

This could be running, walking or cycling 10km or gardening for 10 minutes. There are no rules – apart from the Government guidelines on how to exercise safely during this time.

Due to Covid, life has never been more challenging on our nation’s mental health and we’re encouraging everyone who gets involved to please donate £10 (or whatever you can afford) to help support us launch more sport and exercise programmes to improve the lives of people experiencing mental health problems.

For every individual that donates £10, we will send you a free Sport in Mind t-shirt in celebration of our anniversary, so you can do your something 10 when wearing your lovely new Sport in Mind tee... and it would be brilliant if you took your best selfie and tag us in social media @sportinmind between 10th and 17th of April. We cant wait to celebrate with you!

To sign up please:

  • Click on the yellow donate button at the bottom of this page! 
  • Donate £10.00, don’t forget to tick gift aid!
  • Calum from the Sport in Mind Team will get in contact to enable you to claim your FREE Sport in Mind t-shirt
  • Between 10th April and 17th April ‘DO’ something active that involves ‘10’ - for example, a 10km run, 10 starjumps, 10 mile cycle, 10 keepy uppies per hour - and tag us @sportinmind, whilst wearing your new fancy Sport in Mind t-shirt.
  • Have fun! 

To find out more about all of the fun things we will be doing to celebrate our 10th anniversary - click here!