#24DaysActive - New At Home Virtual Event 

We are delighted to announce the start of a brand-new initiative: #24DaysActive. This wellbeing initiative will encourage folks to keep active during this extended period at home with 24 different, fun, easy to do, at home tasks. 

From April 1st the gang at Sport in Mind, plus Nathan Bingham and Jack Wright from Woodley United will be taking part in a different activity each day! On the final day of the challenge, April 24th, all participants will face off in an exciting at home competition day, we will share more details in due course!

Create your own plan and join in #24DaysActive

You'll find our first 13 days’ worth of home activities below, feel free to follow suit or create your own plan! You can add/reduce the number of minutes or actions, do what works for you best.

  1. Skipping (24 skips)
  2. Catching tennis ball against the wall – with one arm only and standing on one leg (24 times without dropping)
  3. Shadow boxing (5 minutes)
  4. Tennis ball keep ups on frame of racket – 24 times
  5. Walk (2k steps)
  6. Stairs / step ups (24 sets)
  7. Football keep up (24 kicks)
  8. Cycling (10 minutes) – if no bike try some at home bicycle crunches!
  9. Dance (5 minutes)
  10. Walk (4k steps)
  11. Bowls (10 minutes)
  12. Juggling (5 minutes)
  13. Yoga (10 minutes)

Please do get involved and if you've got a suggestion for a house activity, let us know at @SportInMind #24DaysActive #solosport

Good luck and take care

No matter how big or small, every day is an accomplishment and a can provide a boost for our mental and physical wellbeing! 

#24Sports24Hours - Postponed

We're deeply sorry to announce that our #24Sports24Hours challenge (Scheduled to take place on 24 April) has been postponed until further notice. 

We hope to get a new date organised for the challenge as soon as possible, and will announce this when we can. 

In the meantime we hope that you can join in with our virtual replacement event, #24DaysActive. 

Stay safe, be kind and look out for each other.