#24DaysActive to promote good mental health

On 1st of April Sport in Mind launched a brand-new initiative: #24DaysActive - a wellbeing initiative to encourage everyone to keep active during this extended period at home. The concept was really simple - 24 days of different, fun, easy to do, at home tasks. 

For Day 24 and our final #24DaysActive task, we ask you to choose 5 of the activities you've already done over the last 23 days - see below a list of all the fun activities and pick your 5. 

  1. Skipping (24 skips)
  2. Playing catching against the wall using one arm only and standing on one leg (24 times without dropping)
  3. Shadow boxing
  4. Tennis ball keep ups on the frame of racket – 24 times
  5. Walk (2k steps)
  6. Step ups (24 sets)
  7. Keep ups using a football (24 kicks)
  8. Cycling (10 minutes) – if no bike try some at home bicycle crunches!
  9. Dance (5 minutes)
  10. Walk (4k steps)
  11. Bowls (10 minutes)
  12. Juggling (5 minutes)
  13. Yoga (10 minutes)
  14. Run (2k)
  15. Tea Bag throwing
  16. Wall ball (24 rally against the wall using your hand)
  17. Star jumps (24)
  18. 100 tennis volleys against the wall
  19. Plank challenge
  20. Target knockdown
  21. Homemade basketball
  22. Mini Golf
  23. Balancing a Ball on your Head

Don't forget that no matter how big or small your activity is, or where it takes place, every event can help improve our mental and physical wellbeing. 

Lastly, a huge thanks to everyone engaged with us 🙂 - we hope you had great fun and liked seeing us doing all the different challenges.