Empowering teens through Sport in Mind! 

Sport in Mind are delighted to be partnering with the National Citizen Service to provide a new and innovative programme designed for young people 16 and 17 years of age. For this programme we are ideally looking for teenagers who struggle with their own mental wellbeing to join us. This is a unique opportunity to support the growth, development and mental wellbeing of young people in a practical way.

 Read on to learn more about the programme and how young people will benefit 

Who We Are 

At Sport in Mind our mission is to transform the mental wellbeing of adults and young people through sport and physical activity. Our charity started up in 2011 helping adults as part of their recovery to improve their mental health. We have now expanded the charity to offer a youth service to offer a proactive way to improve the mental wellbeing of young people by encouraging them to be active.  

What Our Programme Offers 

Sport in Mind will offer young people on our programme community experiences which will coincide with the NCS ethos of making a difference in their local communityBy participating in Sport in Mind's accredited youth program, those attending will learn valuable skills, boost their confidence, and develop independence The experience will be suitable for anyone in the areas we run our programme- Reading, West Berkshire, Wokingham, East Berkshire and South Oxford.

Here's what to expect 

Volunteer at Sport in Mind Sessions: They will become a positive role model while making a real impact in the lives of other young people. They'll work alongside experienced coaches in community sports sessions, where their voice matters, shaping fun, active, and creative sessions. 

Sports Development, Admin and Operations: This experience offers a glimpse into the world of work. They will work on a range of tasks, gaining insights into operations, marketing, and creative thinking. They'll also have the chance to share their own ideas and approaches. This is chance to really enhance their employability skills with a proactive, fast moving charity. Flexible working schedules where the students have the ability to manage their own time is an available option. Remote working is possible too.


Volunteer at Events, Holiday Programs & Workshops. To further broaden the experience, they will be actively involved in our community events. These are fantastic for us to promote the charity and the key work that we do. If they come on board with us during holidays part of the experience will be partaking in our holiday sport sessions. These are longer sessions for young people and will provide a fantastic experience in helping to deliver these. 


Online Coach Accreditation Training: Through our online course, they will acquire the skills and knowledge needed to become an accredited Sport in Mind frontline deliverer. They'll broaden their understanding of mental health and sports and learn practical skills for effective session delivery. 


Why This Programme Matters 

Participating in Sport in Mind's accredited youth programme is not just about sports; it's about personal growth, mental well-being, and preparing for the future. They will be part of a dynamic community dedicated to making a difference in their local community and improving the lives of others.  

How to Get Involved: Encourage suitable young people you know to apply for this incredible opportunity to grow personally and professionally with Sport in Mind by completing the application form via the link below

If you have any questions or need more information, please contact us at [email protected]

Together, we can empower young people to thrive in both their personal and professional journey.