Below are some frequently asked questions which should help you before your first session, before you attend a new activity for the first time, or if you are referring someone to our sessions. 

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us on [email protected] or 0118 947 9762. 


Do I need to complete any forms to get involved?

Yes, you will need to complete a Sport in Mind participant form which you can complete online or at our sessions. 

Can I self refer?

Yes, if you have a mental health problem you can self-refer yourself into the adult service if you are over the age of 17.

I am a carer, can I join?

Yes, all carers are able to join Sport in Mind's groups. 

I am under 18 can I take part?

Sport in Mind operates two services to support people of different ages. We deliver:

  • An adult service for people 17+ years
  • A children and young people service for people 9 - 16 years of age

How much does it cost of access Sport in Mind's sessions?

All Sport in Mind sessions are free to attend. However, some venues may charge for parking - so please plan accordingly. 

What do I need to wear or bring? 

We recommend you wear comfortable clothes, something you can move around in and preferably not jeans. Some comfortable shoes, trainers if you have them and maybe a bottle of water. We provide all the equipment, but if you have some that you would like to bring with you, that's no problem.

What can I expect at my first Sport in Mind session? 

You can find more information about how we deliver HERE

What measures do you have to make sure everyone is safe at the sessions? 

The safety of our attendees, volunteers, session leaders, and anyone else at our sessions is always our first priority. All of our attendees, volunteers and session leaders sign relevant code of conducts before attending to help ensure respectful and appropriate behaviour at all times. 

In addition, the following has been put in place to protect and safeguard anyone attending our sessions: