Sport in Mind believes that an equal opportunities approach must be embedded in the culture of our charity. It is what we do and how we do it that defines where we stand in relation to equal opportunities.

We believe that there are always new perspectives on discrimination to be explored, new forms of oppression to be challenged and new ways of combating them. To meet these challenges we aim to develop a learning organisation where people feel free to raise issues of equality. Training and learning from each other is highly valued. Monitoring and evaluation are prized tools and freedom to admit mistakes and celebrate successes is of central importance to Sport in Mind.

Unfair discrimination in our society takes many forms. It may be direct and based on overt prejudice. It may be indirect and based on lack of awareness and understanding. It may be ingrained in the operational culture of organisations, in the sense that the McPherson Report defined institutional racism.

Sport in Mind is fundamentally opposed to all these types of discrimination and seeks to ensure that in all its activities it does not take place against individuals or groups.

Our charity provides supported sport and physical activity programmes for the benefit of people suffering mental illness. Consequently, it lies within our very purpose that prejudice or exclusion of ANY nature will not be tolerated. As we develop as an organisation, we will take decisive action to broaden the representation in our leadership and decision-making processes.  

Equal Opportunities Policy

Statement of Diversity and Inclusion in Leadership and Decision Making