If you talk about exercise and sport with people, pretty much everyone will be in agreement that it has huge benefits for physical health. More recently we have started to talk about the benefits to mental health too. In our busy and more complicated modern lives this has become all the more important.

I have participated in RED January before from a purely personal point of view. I was really in need of the boost that daily exercise gave me and the feel good factor for having done it.
It was mainly personal reasons again that got me looking at the event this year but I have been inspired to fundraise after reading the stories of people Sport in Mind has helped. People who had been struggling with mental health benefited not only from the huge boost in self esteem and confidence from exercise but also by being part of a community.
I can understand and relate to this. Joining a running club and becoming involved with Park Run, two amazing communities has had huge benefits to both my physical and mental health.
Since joining both communities some time ago there have been periods that my regular exercise has wained. This has left me feeling low and less ready for the demands of busy life. What happens then is the community rallies round. Friends made through being a part of these communities encourage, support and motivate you to get back up and running again. Sense of well-being, confidence, self-esteem, ability to tackle problems improved.

In the last few months I have found it difficult again to get involved in regular exercise and make time to join in with the communities. That is why I started looking at RED January. Since September I haven’t exercised much at all. Life has been busy, it has been dark and cold and I haven’t had oodles of energy. This has without doubt had an impact on my health and well-being and I want to nip that in the bud. I am lucky that I have found two great communities to be a part of to help me do that. Many other people are struggling with this and that is where Sport in Mind comes in. They offer so many different activities for people to get involved with, activities they might not have tried before. Opportunities to improve physical health, increase self-esteem, motivation, confidence and mental health. Chance to make new friends, be part of a community from which they can get motivation and support to keep them active and on the road good mental health.

So to help support the great work that Sport in Mind are doing I will be exercising every day in the month of January. Please do support this fundraising if you can and even better why don’t you join me! Thank you everyone. Please do go and look at the Sport in Mind webpage to read about their good work.

Paula B