Paige Mallabourn-Edmondson

Every single person in the world is fighting a battle we know nothing about, we’ve lost too many people this year due them not feeling they can speak about their struggle. I want to help the people that every day life is a mental battle for and I need your help doing that 🙏

As ridiculous as it sounds, a cold wet run you didn’t want to go on is the best time to reflect & be thankful for all the times you weren’t cold & wet 🧐

I hate cold, I hate running & I hate rain, perfect conditions for a training run, right?

It’s hit me over the past 24 hour after receiving an email that told me I had 4 month left how far I’ve come since starting.

I remember being told it’s going to be “a while” before I can regain stability on my feet, I remember setting off to run up Manchester road one morning, I got 2 blocks up the road then walked home.

Yet currently I’m training for the most mental/ physical challenge I’ve ever done personally.

Yea, I’ve ran a marathon before, that doesn’t make it any easier the next time round & if you’re not pushing to be better than last time then I’m already behind, yes?

Being told you can’t do something is honestly the most empowering statement that you can hear. Believe me.

With that being said, why am I doing this?

Because I want to push, motivate and prove it’s possible. Pushing yourself into a positive state of mind even when you don’t want to. A long day at work then making more goals to achieve.

There are so many charities that are striving to help people stuck in a downward mental battle but I’ve chosen to help Sport In Mind who are a branch of MIND (mental health charity) they don’t only give people support, but reason.
They’ve helped over 10,000 people through the power of sports.

It’s time to focus on the positive 💪

Paige Mallabourn-Edmondson