Sport in Mind believes that mental health can be supported and improved in four ways:


Heart Rate



Elevating the heart rate is a well-researched means of improving mood and mental health. Raising our heart rate in our sessions shows us how it releases endorphins and chemical in our bodies which makes us feel good.





By ensuring that breathing is effective, the ‘rest and digest’ function of the nervous system can work more efficiently, thus returning the body to balance. Breathing techniques learnt in our sessions gives us tools to calm ourselves down and energise ourselves. 





Being able to communicate is a vital skill for supporting and improving mental health. Communication in our sessions involves talking to coaches and teammates which boosts self esteem and self confidence. 





By being able to divert one’s focus away from negative thoughts and feelings, people can help themselves feel more positive. Focus in our sessions means concentrating on the skills or movements which allows a break from thoughts or worries.