We decided to choose Sport In Mind as our benefactor charity because it is a subject that has become very close to my heart. Mental health used to carry a badge of shame, a sign of weakness in spirit and positivity.

3 years ago I would have been one of those people, I would have seen it as a weakness, rather than the disease it is.

The winner’s trophy is dedicated to my Dad, Doug Fowles.

My dad was a very keen sportsman back in his day. He loved football and tennis mainly but would watch literally any sport he could. His sporting days were clipped short when he broke his back during a football match in his mid-thirties, though darts and lawn bowls were very much part of our growing up.

During the last year of dad’s life, he became very anxious and I saw the effects first hand. The impossible feeling that you just can’t get past the mental obstacle your mind has conjured up and put in your way. I have since met many people who suffer, and hope that today in some small way, we can help to find a way to untangle our incredibly complicated brains.

Mark's golf event raised £1,900 to help provide sport sessions for people with mental health difficulties.