The team at New Sparta Combat Academy wanted to support local charities during the last few difficult months while all activities had come to a standstill. Particularly one that focuses on promoting the benefits of being active for your wellbeing, so they launched a fundraiser...
...their challenge was to run 100km in 10 days, which they completed plus some. By doing so they managed to raise over £3000, half going to Yemen and the other half divided between 3 local charities, one of those being Sport in Mind.
Braydon, Head Instructor at New Sparta Combat Academy, set out on the challenge alongside Musa Wilson and Vincent Moulton. No one in the team had been regular runners, so this was quite a challenge, but they stepped up to the task and completed at least 5km every day for 10 days. Inspired, Braydon's mum also got involved and most mornings before work they both set out on a run together! So between the team they smashed the target and hit 200km! Amazing!
Braydon say's 'I chose to support Sport in Mind personally because I know how important sport/fitness is for people’s overall wellbeing.'
He goes on to say 'I’ve seen first-hand what Sport in Mind do for people and I think it’s a very special charity that I’m proud to have so close to home, hence why we offered to hold sessions for you guys at New Sparta Combat Academy.' Watch this space, there will be some new sessions coming in the new year!
'The positivity that has emanated from doing this has really motivated us all'
Sport in Mind would like to say a great big thank you, it’s amazing to have your support and what a fantastic motivational challenge!